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Common scams that may involve gift cards or other gift card brands sold by Amazon Fake Online Listings Scam You find an item advertised online such as concert or event tickets, a vehicle, pet, or rental property and are instructed to make a payment using Amazon or other branded gift cards sold on Amazon, and provide your claim codes via email or phone. Yes, Amazon can resend a lost or stolen gift card: Contact Amazon online with your order number (if possible), the purchaser’s name and recipient’s name, plus the physical or email address to which the gift card was sent. The original card will be canceled and a new one reissued: No, except as required by law: Home Depot : Yes, with receipt Unfortunately Amazon will not disclose as to who used your gift card.

If you have a physical gift card, either store bought or bought from amazon , you can ask a representative to check whether it was redeemed, if you feel it’s a suspicion on misredemption of the gift card, you may ask them for further inquiry on it. It was at this site for trading gift cards. He was a respected member of the site and so I didn’t hesitate. I gave him the code to a $50 Amazon Card and he gave me the code to a $50 iTunes Card. It turns out that it was a scam because the iTune Code show more I wanted to trade something with some one over the internet. CardCash. As Amazon gift cards are always in demand, flipping your gift cards for a profit can be easy if you are willing to trade for a less popular brand name. Your second option on CashCrate is selling your gift card for cold, hard cash. CardCash lets you earn up to 92 of the selling price on each gift card sold. If you purchase gift card and send to another person, that gift card will be redeemed before they receive it.

The eGift card information is sent in the clear AND activated. Which means anything on the internet can intercept the information an cash the card in at 3rd party site for cash or redeem the card at Amazon with a bogus account. Send Amazon Gift Cards by email, print-at-home, or mail with shipping. Shop hundreds of gift cards from Starbucks, Nordstrom, GameStop, Whole Foods, Sephora, and more. Skip to main content Amazon Gift Cards. Give the perfect gift in person, by mail, email, text message, or via messaging app. Amazon Gift Cards have no fees or expiration dates and are redeemable towards millions of items storewide at Amazon. Thomas Traceable Long Stem Digital Thermometer, with 3/8″ High LCD Display, 8″ Stem, + or – 1 degree accuracy, -58 to 302 degree F, -50 to 150 degree C 4.9 out of 5 stars 15 $ $ 45. 51 After thousands of Amazon customers came to GetHuman in search of an answer to this problem, along with others, we decide it was high time to publish instructions.

Here are just a few examples of the types of questions we were being asked or problems reported by users like you: What do I do if my Amazon gift card was stolen?;

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