visa gift card via paypal

Shop online, save money with PayPal. Buy online gift cards and online coupons from some of the best brands on the internet. Save money with online coupons Get great discounts with online coupons. Apply discount codes on some of your favorite online stores. Shop with PayPal Online Coupons. Buy online gift cards Please forgive me if this has been asked before, but my research is pulling up conflicting information. Can you load a prepaid Visa gift card (it will come from a T-Mobile promotion, but I don’t yet know which credit institution backs the card) to PayPal and then transfer the full amount of the card Use your prepaid gift cards wherever PayPal is accepted. Simply pay with prepaid gift cards with a Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover logo just like any other debit or credit card during checkout.

Img src=”//t.paypal/ts?nojs=1&pgrp=main3Ahelp3Asmart3A3Aarticle&page=main3Ahelp3Asmart3A3Aarticle3A3A3A&pgst=1583338543812&calc PayPal eGift Cards is a fast and easy way to send digital gift cards that can be redeemed online or in store. Buy electronic gift cards online with PayPal. You can add any gift card to your paypal but first you have to call the cards number ask to change the card to your name and address then from their they use 1 to verify your account wchich takes 3-5 days to verify. only thing i havnt been able to figure out is how to withdrawl the money to send to a different paypal account. You make sure you have money in your main account. The go to Amazon, open an account if you don’t have one. Once you have the account, connect your pay pal account to it, and make sure you have the main bank one connected to Pay Pal. Then once you Its not possible to add funds into your own PayPal account with any Wallet linked card; whether a credit, debit, or prepaid gift card.

It may be possible to link the cards to your account for use as a funding source for payments. Here is a PayPal link with details on gift cards. Go in your PayPal account and create an invoice to yourself for the maount of the gift card. Send the invoice to yourself. Then go pay it with the gift card. The money should now be in your PayPal account. Hope this helps! Okay, calm down. I don’t use PayPal too often which is obviously why I’m here. Don’t fly off the handle and yell at me for a simple question. I wasn’t trying to avoid anything, actually. So don’t accuse me of doing so. I figured it would be easier to take physical cash, purchase a prepaid Visa card, and add the funds there.

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